Kangaroo Point, Brisbane

I’m back in Brisbane, one of my favourite cities in Australia. This city has been a retreat for me over the past six months as I always find myself reenergising here after a hectic or extremely busy part of my life. 

I have just two weeks left in Australia which I am spending here in Brisbane as my six months Down Under draws to a close. As I’ve finally finished my job  I’ve had some time to reflect on everything which has happened since my arrival in Sydney back in February. The highlight of being in Australia was no doubt travelling 1500 miles up the East Coast from Syndey to Cape Tribulation and stopping at every destination of appeal. It gave be two whole months to see eveything I wanted to in Australia while  only needing to worry about booking hostels and buses to get from A to B. 

My working experience in Australia was definitely different to my previous employment history back at home and as a backpacker I’d take any job going which would enable me to save money for the rest of my trip. Without going into too many details on the highs and lows I’ve had while working in the country, I can say that I’ve managed to save enough money for Fiji, New Zealand and South East Asia and will travel to three more months nonstop.

Right now, I am so pleased to have been self sufficient living and working on the other side of the world for half a year. In general too many people people get so caught up in their comfort zones that they never get around to having career breaks or taking new and exciting opportunities. And although, there have been times were I wanted to give up and get a flight back to England I am so glad to have overcome boundaries and push myself harder than I ever have to get myself to a place of content and excitement about the next part of my adventures. 


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